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Time moves so quickly and so incredibly pandemic slowly. As I break out my soup pot and sweaters, I hope you're all getting a nice dose of fall. 

Let's see what's going on this month in the world of Kelly Kay…



Remember that one... well all profits made from Kindle Unlimited Reads this month will be donated to California Wildfire Relief.
I will also donate a portion of the book sales. I'm guessing if you subscribe, you've read Crushing, but if not, here's the perfect opportunity to do so! You read. I donate. Thank you. Or tell everyone you know. 
My books are set in Sonoma because I was lucky enough to live and work in that amazing community. I wish there were more I could do for my friends and acquaintances that still live and work there. 
I hope it helps a little. 


Side Piece Pre-Order



I had this amazing opportunity to write a personal piece for banned book week on the blog Bookcases and Coffee.

It's published here www.bookcaseandcoffee.com/how-i-got-a-book-unbanned-in-7th-grade/. It was fun to remember, and I was honored to be included. The blog also has a weekly romance novel podcast called "Drinks with the Bees." It's funny and informative. 


I'll be back soon with



Over A Barrel is coming in early 2021

Book One of the Stafýli Cellars Trilogy

Tabitha Aganos finally gets to say what's on her mind. 




Stay Healthy

Talk Soon, 

Kelly K


September 22 2020

It's Another Newsletter!

Side Piece- Exclusive Cover Reveal


I love my illustrated covers and I won't abandon them for my trilogies & duets but I thought maybe shake things up with this standalone. 

It won't be released to the world until tomorrow so please don't post anywhere until tomorrow.

I wanted to share it with you first.

Side Piece's cover! 

Pre-Orders available now and release on November 10


A stand-alone workaholics romance. 

No cliff hangers, no unanswered questions


Side Piece

Sex is the easy part. But can they actually stop working long enough to find love?

Side Piece is an instant connection sweeping romance where Tess and Alex simply don't have time for romance. Their work schedules dictate their worlds, and they like it that way. But their pull towards each other is undeniable. The relationship feels like a torrid affair cheating on their everyday lives. Perhaps there could be more if only their schedules overlapped long enough to fall in love.



Absolutely married to my job of writing happily ever afters. I love everything about my committed relationship with words. I feed it, and it feeds me, and we're very happy together. The parameters of our relationship are cut and dry, black and white. And then Alex showed up with his gorgeous crooked smile and shaded everything gray, and now I don't know if I can ever turn the page back. I never thought I'd be the girl who swoons. He scares me to death.



I am utterly addicted to this woman. Beautiful, beguiling, Tess is a drug taunting me to have one more hit. My life is a deep dive into projects with no regard for anything and anyone else. Work is all there is. My friends and I built this media company from nothing. Making a difference, being a political pundit, is what I was put on earth to do. Tess is the perfect woman for me, but I just don't have the luxury of falling for her. Sleeping with her, absolutely. But I don't have the bandwidth for love.

I'm giddy to share Tess & Alex with you. I loved writing them and discovering their world. I hope you do too. 

As always, I'm thankful you're on this journey with me. 


Talk soon,

Kelly K

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August 18

Hey Everyone! 

It's the Kelly Kay newsletter!

Just a few tidbits for now.


Crossfade Cover Reveal

Crossfade: A Lyrical Romance Book 2 is only 20 Days away!!!


Is it possible to move from one love triangle to another? Does that make it a love quad? And factoring in the platonic male friendships, does that make it an emotional love Quint?

Meg Hannah has no idea how to untangle her own brain, let alone the complicated system of friends, lovers, and exs. She'll try, but odds are she'll end up falling again.

There's a really good shot that I messed up everything. How do I keep having hot sex with a rockstar without him finding out just how much of an emotional landmine I am?
It's time to probably not repeat old patterns if I want a relationship with Ian Reilly. I should have told him about my mom's struggles. I should have confided in him, but it's so new. And he's young and hot, and I want him to keep having sex with me. The Committee can handle my emotional burden for now. Ian can simply keep the lighter, sexier, uncomplicated version of Meg rolling in orgasms. Eventually, we'll get to the baggage part.

Ian doesn't know it yet, but he should be thrilled my friend Jake is back in my life. He can be my emotional bellhop for a while until I'm ready to share more with Ian. Jake's seen a lot of the ugly history close up and has handled it just fine. He's my safe sounding board. And Ian doesn't need to worry about him at all, he's married.
But I do need Jake and my sister to stop nagging me to open up to Ian. Just give me a freaking minute to be effortless. I'll get to it.


Don't forget to pre-order the Ebook- just click on the title below! 


Paperback will be available the weekend before release. 




If you don't know, my family and I have been very lucky to have use of the MIL's lake cottage in the woods. We've spent the bulk of the pandemic up there and are currently home in our big city apartment. We realize just how sheltered we've been as we sheltered in place. 


Everyone's first question to us as we sit down for a 6ft social distance chat is, "What are you watching?"

Truth be told. Nothing. Our wooded oasis does not have the best internet and it makes it's virtually impossible to be virtual. We did see the Tiger King, but that was BC. (Before Cottage). But this past week we went nuts and have now seen 3 seasons of Schitt's Creek. You were all very right, it's fantastic. 


But then I thought about the real answer to "What are you watching?"  And the answer is: twin baby fawns born on our property, a snuggle of baby bunnies, my husband become obsessed with grilling anything and everything, my son naming the hummingbirds at our feeder, dear friends, family, the tree go from winter barren to exploding with spring colors, tiny little frogs hopping on my computer, my son sledding in the snow for P.E. as he finished out his remote learning, dock jumping, an endless parade of bugs in which we say, "What is that?", endless Zoom cocktail chats (when the wifi worked), and words. I saw a lot of words. I wrote them and read them. I've read more books in the past three months than probably in the last four years. Endless words and stories that make me write faster and better. I'm just grateful that you're there to be on the other end to read them. 


Also, now that I'm back in the real world- what are you watching? It's time to catch up a bit. 



Side Piece

Is a standalone romance with no time for love.


This work-obsessed instant connection couple, Tess & Alex, is coming. October 27

This book will have no cliffhangers, a guaranteed happy ending, and politics without politics. 


The pre-order will go live next week. I'll be sure to let you know. 


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And Happy Summer!









This is it! 

The first Kelly Kay newsletter!

June 19, 2020

Just a few tidbits for now as I get a handle on this whole newsletter thing! 



And today I've brought you something insanely special. So proud that my book, Crushing is included in this amazing confab of writers. We've all banded together to create a summer reading list that can all be purchased for $15.00!  Each one of us has put our books on sale for $0.99 for this weekend only.

We're all different subgenres and genres within romance but all worth a read. 

Seriously, we've done the hard part for you. It's a TBR list that you don't have to create. 

Go to  https://www.courtneygiardina.com/friday-fifteen to get links to all 15 titles!!! 


Shock Mount

My next book gets released

JULY 28TH!!!


Now, I'm insanely busy putting the finishing touches on Shock Mount. The cover reveal for this book is just a couple of weeks away. It's a little different from the Winery Trilogy covers but just as cool. 

Shock Mount focuses on the mess Meg Hannah has unwittingly made of her life.  Surrounded by her Committee of confidants and her tucked away memories, she tries to navigate through love and figuring out how not to hide from her past. It's set in LA, Chicago, and New York with a dash of Sonoma, because I can't help myself.


Meg's one platonic night with a rock star changes the course of the life she thought she had all figured out. Fate has a way of messing with well-laid plans. 

Shock Mount refers to a type of stabilized microphone in music recording. 

Available for pre-order on Amazon right now. 


Don't forget to check out Kelly Kay Book Blends group on Facebook! 


And Happy Summer!




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