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Updated: Mar 22

Under the Bus is actually coming out on April 7th!

Which will be the 1 yearbook birthday of Crushing. I might have planned it that way.

I’ve been going at editing hardcore. I flipped entire chapters, eliminated characters, and killed off some plot bunnies. It’s bloody and dark around here right now. I think Tabi and Bax are better off for the carnage. The ARCs go out today, and a year ago, I had to google what that meant or how to find them. Advanced Reader Copies and advanced readers. I was just a girl with three books in the holster putting the finishing touches on the LaChappelle/Whitter Trilogy. And no clue if anyone would read them once I let them out in the world. I’ll get more reflecty in the coming weeks but I am definitely overwhelmed that there are people on the other end of my words these days. And super grateful.

Elle and Josh still float through my brain often. I wonder what they’re up to or how I could write them another story. Fortunately, I have more books planned in that universe, so I can keep revisiting them. I think David Gelbert deserves a little bit of spotlight, and he’s been kind of screaming in my head lately. I’ve been jotting down random chapters as they come to me. Nothing formal simply jumping around the story and writing whatever scene pops up. I’m happy with the 17k words I’ve cobbled together so far. He’s kind of an ass but a loveable one. We’ll see where he ends up. Probably time for an outline.

I saw crocuses today, and my heart swelled. Now, I live in Chicago, so it’s highly possible we’ll have snow again next week, but I’ve learned to hoover in all the good days I can living in the Midwest. When it’s nice, jump on it. I’m headed to a picnic bench on the lake to write this afternoon in the sunshine and bask in the crocuses. And I’ll look forward to the snow-covered daffodils that are unquestionably in my future.

Hope your weather and day are the way you want it today.

Talk Soon

Kelly K

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