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Paris was the perfect place for Danny and Lizzie's first love, but when it falls apart, perhaps Paris is better left in the past.

Now, Hayden & Bette have put their past selves to rest and work above everything else because love never got them anywhere. And now, as the two vie for the same job in different cities, the pranks and competition amp up. Their heated exchanges and intense curiosity over the identity of their rival fuel their fires.


In the end, will their hearts survive when all the truths come spilling out. Will they be able to choose what really matters?
Or will they just get to keep their memories of Paris?

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One decision can change everything. 

A novella from the Keep Paris world but can be read as a standalone. 

Hockey has always been a part of Robbie's life. He can't remember a day without it, and as his career winds down, he has a choice to make.

But a sexy woman and one night of passion could change all the plans he's ever dreamed about.


 A billion dollars can buy a lot, but it can't buy love. That, you have to gamble on.


It's a billionaire's second chance with the woman he never should have let go of and isn't sure he deserves.


Tony and Makenzie never thought they'd have to deal with their break up fall out from a decade ago. They'd both buried it for good. Or so they thought. 

But can one night in Vegas change everything? Beyond the bright lights, old lies, way too much alcohol and regret, there might still be love if life and circumstance don't get in the way again.


They may find a way to keep each other forever this time, or they may only get to Keep Vegas.

Coming Soon. 

Keep Tuscany

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