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Josh is a legend in his own mind, and Elle has no time for it. She has a job to do, and a winery hangs in the balance. But, unfortunately, it's his family winery.


Josh and Elle will either screw up each other's lives or... end up screwing again.

This is the story of two people who hate each other, but rumor has it, with enough wine, anyone can fall in love.

Crushing is the first book in the 5 Families Vineyard Series and, of course, the LaChappelle/Whittier Winery Trilogy. 

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Bax took his best friend, Tabi's, hand when he was five years old and has never let go. But it's getting harder to stay just friends. The story takes place over 30 years and the events of one night—two lifelong friends who can't stop crossing the line.

But need to learn, or they'll lose everything, including each other. 

Two lifelong friends who think they can ignore fate. But something is coming that will make them reevaluate everything.

Their story begins in Over A Barrel and concludes in Under The Bus

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Cocky, confident, and completely over his head.

He's about to take DILF to a whole new level.

Natalie Lloyd is the most efficient woman on the planet. She just figured out how to convert bad boy player David Gelbert into a boyfriend.

David's in love for the first time in his life, and it happens to be with two women. One doesn't want children, and the other is still in diapers.

The Juggle is Real.

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Rebecca Gelbert had no idea that opening her front door would open up her whole world.
Brick Dunne walked through and changed everything. And now he wants the one thing he can't have, his lawyer.

It's time you heard the whole story. 



"Falling in love was easy, coming out of hiding is proving a little more complex."


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