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Bottled Up is the complicated relationship between a Mafia Don and the woman who might just be the death of him. 

Here's a sweet, loving snippet of their story from Sal's POV. 


Current Full Length Freebie - Side Piece

Sexy Standalone about cheating on their jobs, not each other.

Instant Connection, Steamy, Funny, Contemporary Romance
Tess and Alex are workaholics with chemistry so intense it makes them feel like they're cheating on their jobs when all they want to do is be with each other. But their pasts and schedules seem to always get in the way. They've both carefully designed their lives so that there are no surprises, but life has a funny way of not listening to pre-set plans and schedules. Running as fast as they can forward so that their pasts don't catch them isn't always the best plan. Filling their lives with work and noise can only work for so long. But when their hearts open, and they pause to really be seen, that's when they find out they've been running in circles.

They could have a once-in-a-lifetime love if only their schedules overlapped and they find a way to heal their hearts fully. Alex and Tess are going to have to give up their carefully curated control, or they could lose everything.

Keep Philly

FREE - Novella from the Boston Brothers: A Second Chance Series

One Night Can Change Everything -

A novella from the Keep Paris world but can be read as a standalone. 

Hockey has always been a part of Robbie's life. He can't remember a day without it, and as his career winds down, he has a choice to make.
But a sexy woman and one night of passion could change all the plans he's ever dreamed about.

Bonus Scenes!

Bottled Up - Sneak Peek Chapter

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